Adobe Lightroom Intensive

Saturday, March 1st
9:00am - 4:00pm

608 River Road
Belmar, NJ

This 6-hour workshop is an intensive workshop designed for those seeking a solid foundation in digital asset management (dam) and optimizing their images in  Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom  helps you bring out the best in your photographs, only if you know how to use it. Michael will guide you through the modules to process your images with this state of the art, non-destructive editing software.  You will learn to manage your images, create brilliant images and make an impact with your images.

Designed for those that have never used Adobe Lightroom or those that have experience with the software however, are not comfortable using it.  Due to the amount of material covered in this intensive workshop students must be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files and general operations of their computer.  Adobe Lightroom must be installed on your laptop prior to the beginning of class and you must bring a collection (25 or more) images on a memory card. 

One - 6 hour sessions includes an hour lunch break
$265 BAC members/$315 non-BAC member

Contact Beverly directly with any questions or tregister now through BelmarArts.


Adobe Lightroom  Intensive outline:

·      Learn to download images from the camera or card reader, apply metadata templates, labels and review, and then open in Lightroom

·      Learn to view and zoom into images using tools and features of Lightroom workspace.

·      Learn to use the Photo Downloader

·      Understand how keywords and meta data can help speed up and improve your workflow

·      Understand the Histogram

·      Use Camera Raw tools to modify, manipulate, and color correct your images

·      Master Tonal correction including Curves, and the Histogram

·      Understand color corrections, working with color adjustments and Black and White

·      Work with sharpening and noise reduction techniques

·      Work with vignettes to enhance images

·      Use tools to fix dust spots or enhance specific areas of your images

·      Learn best practices for printing your images on an Ink Jet printer or for output to a photo printing facility (Note: we do not do any printing in this class)

·      Learn best practices for web output, including file types, color modes and color profiles, and creating web galleries and portfolios within Lightroom