Workshops/Seminar/Session Ideas


 Here is a start to a list of suggestions for possible workshops supplied by Visions Photogrpahic Workshops emerging artists:


Developing the Eye (What to look for in a photo, how to make an ordinary object interesting, composing a shot, etc)

Flash Photography - types of flash, timing of flash, when to use one, when not to use one, different techniques, etc.


Abstract Photography (ex. firework patterns, that sort of thing)

Photographing People in Studio Environment

Photographing your Pet, Kids, etc. 

Using your iPhone as a Camera (capabilities, how to process, apps available, etc)

Photographic Essay (Using photos to tell a story. Ex.

Go to a location like Allaire, take a series of photos, use them to tell a story type of thing?)

How to set up your own Photography Studio (lights, backgrounds, etc)

Photographing People in Natural Light

Lens Workshop - Which lens for what, types, what's a good range of lenses to have

Photographing Houses/Small Town America (Ocean Grove, Cape May, Red Bank, Hoboken sort of thing?)

Filter workshop - Types to use on the camera and Filters used through Photoshop/Lightroom

Full Moon on the beach

Time Lapse

Basic Design Principles for Photography (Layout)

Exposure Workshops – As series or individually:


Shutter Speed

White Balance

Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them (Backlighting, Using a Light Meter to prevent over/under exposure, etc)

Location Workshops:

Local races/marathons

Local Parades

Farmers Markets

Fairs (Night or Day)


Sporting Events

Downtown NYC (People watching kind of thing - like going to Washington Sq Park, etc)

Uptown NYC

Central Park

Emerging Professional Workshops:

Printing/Framing Work for Shows

How to submit for competitions/shows/jury consideration for Art Organizations

Portfolio Development (Putting together a body of work, what to keep, what to scratch, etc)


Photo 101 - First meeting: Explain concept of perspective, setting up a shot, basics of lighting, etc. Then have class go out and photograph something as a group but it has to be the same exact thing (ex. a boat in the water, a lamp post, a building, etc). Students take a shot of assigned item and two shots in the surrounding area covering two topics discovered: perspective, area of interest, etc.

Second meeting: Students bring in four prints - have a critique amongst the students to see what was captured and different ways of looking at things

Creating a Photographic Essay

Creating a Photo Collage


Offer a Group Critique opportunity quarterly spotlighting the different classes 

Workshop in Photographing a Performance Event

       - Behind the Scenes (ex. a theatrical production, getting ready, putting on costumes, rehearsing, warming up, waiting in wings, etc)

       - During Production (photos of performance)

       - After Production (Taking Bows, cast parties, etc)

       Neat topics would be ballet performances, philharmonic performances, theatrical performances and maybe different events like

the Thanksgiving Parade (night before blowing up of balloons, during parade, etc) or a Hot Air Balloon Festival