Monday, October 20th AND 27th
6:30 - 9:00pm

ART @ The Boatworks
608 River Road

Exposure – the nemesis of the professional and amateur photographers alike.  There is no such thing as “proper exposure”.  Exposure is creating an image that captures your vision and shares it with the world. If you challenge yourself and focus on the outcome, not only will your image reveal what you saw, but how you felt when you saw it.

This workshop will help you to master some of the critical elements of exposure, such as aperture (F-stops), shutter speed and ISO, as well as how light meters work, (and yes there is one in your camera). You will learn how to use available light and explore the power of depth of field to help you make images like never before.   Time will be spent in discussion as well as outside photographing.

Two 2 1/2 - hours sessions (5 hours total)
$115 BAC members/$135 non-member 

Contact Beverly directly with any questions  or to register