Evening Light at the Jersey Shore

Just Added:
Tuesday, September 23rd
Meets at Belmar Fishing Club Gate
Ocean Avenue, Belmar
5:00 - 7:30pm
Rain date, Wednesday, September 24th

Tuesday, August 26th 
Meets at Belmar Fishing Club Gate
Ocean Avenue, Belmar
5:30-8:00pm (2 ½ hours)
Fully Booked 

Sunsets are one of the most photographed subjects.  The rich red and gold’s of the evening colors please the eye and reach to a deeper emotion.  

Photography is all about the light and when the sun is low on the horizon it will travel through more atmosphere, the angle the light travels to the Earth is longer, and there’s more water vapor that scatters the rays of the sun. This in turn warms the different hues (colors), minimizes contrast, elongates  the shadows, and keeps the highlights from becoming too overexposed.   It’s an ultimate time to photograph – the golden hour!

It’s about the quality of light and Michael S. Miller will guide you on this creative journey in learning the techniques necessary to capture beautiful images during the golden hour of evening light. 

 Photographers must have a mirrorless system or a digital SLR, please no point and shot cameras.  If unsure just ask us? This workshop is designed for photographers with a working knowledge of their camera operations. This is a creative workshop, not a how to use your digital camera workshop. A tripod is required and remote shutter release is recommended. 

If it’s rainy, cloudy or overcast we will reschedule to Wednesday, August 27th, 5:30-8:00pm