Portrait Studio Lighting Workshop

Monday, April 14th AND 21st

ART @ The Boatworks
608 River Road
Belmar, NJ

This all-new hands-on, instructional workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals of setting up studio lighting for portraiture and capturing your own unique portrait.

Studio lighting may seem like a formidable challenge, however Michael will explain how studio lighting works in his unique non-technical way.

The first evening session will include Michael demonstrating how studio mono lights (strobes) are relatively simple and a highly effective lighting.  He will start with lighting our model for a portrait, then discuss building up the lighting and selecting the proper light modifiers to create the “look” wanted. 

There will be discussions on techniques to highlight or pull attention away from areas of the model and how to soften or harden the lighting to create drama and interest. You will learn how simple changes in the position of the model; the light or the modifier impacts the overall emotion of the image. 

As always our class size is limited (maximum 6) to ensure that you receive plenty of personalized instruction.  The best way to learn is a hands-on approach so during the second session of the workshop you will practice what you learned with Michael’s guidance.

Designed for the photographer who knows their camera and want to expand their knowledge to portrait studio lighting or need a different perspective. This Portrait Studio Lighting Workshop will give you the practical instruction and hands-on learning experience needed to improve your studio photography.

Two sessions (5 hours total)
$225 BAC members/$275 non-members