Portfolio Development - Get Focused

Do you feel that you capture a variety of images, are you proficient with the technical functions of your camera, do you feel you are not progressing with your creativity?

Then this private Portfolio Development course is  what you need.  In this 12-hour long, assignment driven one on one course you will learn at your own pace and take your creativity to a new level.  The insightful lessons, challenging assignments and invaluable critiques will expand and focus your creativity.

With Michael’s guidance you will learn how to focus on the subjects that inspire you, create thematic portfolios and more.

The cost to you is for 10-hours of private sessions with Michael and you will receive 2-hours (a $130 value) at no charge.  The six 2-hour sessions must be scheduled three to five weeks apart  giving you the time to work on your assignment.  Photographers  interested in Portfolio Development must submit a selection of their images for review before acceptance into the course. 

This is a creativity based course, all candidates must be techically proficient using their camera  AND be capable of editing and optimizing in Lightroom. This is NOT a course on the technical side of how to use your camera or Lightroom. 

Cost:  $553 
Six 2-hour sessions at the cost of five - that's a $130 savings