Lightroom Basics

Monday, January 13th AND 20th

608 River Road
Belmar, NJ

Frustrated with not knowing how to find all your photographs?

Session 1 -  Learn how to organize,  manage and archive your photographs and what workflow is all about.
Session 2 - Learn how to use the develop module to begin processing your photographs.

Michael S. Miller has been teaching Lightroom for years and has found that many photographers need more skills at the basics of managing and processing so they do not lose their work.  With patience, Michael will guide you on your journey of digital asset management.

Designed for those that have either never used Lightroom or those that have some experience with the software but are not comfortable using it.  All students must have Lightroom 4 or higher already loaded on their computer and be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files and with the general operations of their computer.  

Two 2 1/2 hour sessions (5 hours total)
$175 BAC members or $190 non-BAC member