Macro Photography

Saturday, March 14th
9:00am - 5:00pm

ART @ The Boatworks
608 River Road
Belmar, NJ 

Immerse yourself in the world of macro photography for a day.  Learn how to create compelling close-ups in a studio environment.  Discover new ways of finding, seeing and capturing beautiful images by revealing the hidden details.  With Michael’s expert guidance you will learn how to capture the beauty of an ordinary object and make it a unique, creative image that reflects your creative voice. 

We will begin with a discussion on macro photography including controlling depth of field, composition, elements of design, textures, contrast, camera angels, controlling light with diffusers, reflectors and working with natural light.  BelmarArts provides a great controlled indoor studio

Michael will discuss tools and accessories that will help you in capturing better images and discuss composition and exposure value.  There will be several works stations pre-set with lights and props or you can bring your own.  Michael will be there to assist you with technical questions and provide hands-on instruction to ensure you execute best practices and capture the best photo possible.

Finish off the day reviewing images and discussing techniques that worked for you. 

One 8 hours session (includes an hour lunch break)
$195 BAC member/ $225non-BAC member

For more information contact Beverly or register now through BelmarArts