JUST ADDED - Intro to Portrait Lighting Techniques Presentation

Monday, May 20

@ The Boatworks
Belmar Arts Council
608 River Road

In the photographic medium, portraiture has been around since the very earliest days,  and still is a popular style. Hundreds of years before photography portraiture was popular with painters, and before that portraiture can be found within petroglyphics.

Many people want to get started with portraiture, however do not know where to begin. Besides studying composition, lenses, and posing, one must acquire a working knowledge of the basics of lighting. The first thing to realize is not every photo can be shot using only natural light. For those of you that are scared of using external lighting, this presentation is a quick introductory to help remove some of those fears.  Learn about studio lights, umbrellas, soft boxes, strobes, continuous lighting, reflectors....

$25 BAC members/$30 non-BAC members

Contact Beverly with questions or to register