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 Dear Michael S. Miller Thank You for Everything today !! "Framed & locked Up" is truly a Great Workshop !! Really a fantastik learning Workshop...Everyone should do it once ...Also Thank Beverly for all She does ,
- Charles Philipone




Great workshop (Sunset Walk) at Grounds for Sculpture with Michael S. Miller! Learned a lot today Michael...thank you!



Had an absolutely wonderful day with you as my teacher today, Michael! I really appreciate all the help. What I learned today will pave the path for more beautiful images for me. And, I don't know what we would do without Beverly..Thank you for a great experience!





 Dearest Michael

thank you for a magnificent workshop and a  truly profound learning experience!Michael, you are  a gifted teacher...patient, kind, tough enuf, INSPIRATIONAL and able to turn on a dime in a group setting;  i found you to be excellent in group management owing to your sensitivity and great leadership qualities...So many many heartfelt thanks to you for too many things to enumerate!

Fondly, sori gottdenker






Michael - You get tons and tons of credit for this growth.  I can't make tomorrow but I'll write Beverly about the workshop  thanks so much!  G

Gina Cioffi, Esq.
National Executive Director 










I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you both.  Prior to these two classes with you, I had never had any type of training or even self-study on how to properly use a camera or learn the basics of photography.  Michael really helped to make the learning process a comfortable one and never made me feel stupid for being such an amateur! :-)  All kidding aside, that is probably the most important thing since it has made me want to continue with the learning process so that I can hopefully acquire the skills that I would like to have someday. Now that I have some foundational knowledge, I will start to practice with my camera and read more about photography - and am confident that it will all start to come together.


   Thank you again.  This was a Christmas gift for my mom and I to do together and I know I speak for both of us when I say that it was certainly a great present and an very positive experience that has already exceeded our expectations.

  We look forward to continuing with more of your classes.








Thank you so much for teaching me about the features and operation on my Canon EOS XSi digital camera.  I feel that I learned a lot in our two hour one-on-one session and will probably book another session with you in the near future.    Thank you also for the wish list you attached below.   See you on May 7th on the "See the Forest Through the Lens" workshop.


Have a great weekend!


Many Thanks,





Hi Michael,

It's been busy at work and I haven't even touched my camera and looked at the images I took at the prison. I also haven't opened my computer for the past days.

The workshop at the prison was an informative, visually stimulating experience and I loved it. You are one excellent teacher.

After we parted ways on Saturday, I thought about doing a one-on-one with you. Now, I have decided to do it. I just have to fix my work schedule.









Dear Michael,

thank you sooo much for class yesterday!  one-to-ones are a fantastic stress-free way to learn so many details of photography...in this instance, because of yesterday's class, i feel more prepared and focused for our up-coming workshop at longwood gardens; but really, so many more things came out of the session than that...tripod management, equipment discussions, methodology, approach to an event, technique (and lots of it) and of course, the ever evil-lurking discussions of none other than aspect ratios!!!!!(why must you always insist on scrambling my brain?) (do you do that on prupose????)
What fun!!!! and of so much value to me!
Many many thanks, michael...can't wait for another class...

miss sori  







Hi Michael, 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the weekend workshop in Avon.   I can't thank you enough for all that I have learned during the workshop.  You are a wonderful teacher, patient, knowledgeable, a true artist and can I say a true miracle worker if you were able to get me to understand light meters, shutter speeds, ISO and  aperture in the same weekend. Believe me I know how lucky I was to spend the time with you as the only student.  And learning how to edit photos on Sunday was a bonus.  Guess I have to go back to all the places I've been and re-take the photos.  Fred will be thrilled to hear that.    Looking forward to attending more of your workshops in the near future and have already told a few friends about your upcoming classes. Please tell Beverly hello and how nice it was to relax with a glass of wine and chat with her as well.

Thank you so much,





Hi Michael and Beverly,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this morning's lecture, and that I hope to see you at a future event soon!

And thank you again for including my piece in the Focus on Sculpture exhibit - it has been an amazing experience for me.

Sharon Chapman





I just want to take a moment to thank you properly for arranging such a wonderful workshop. Not only I have learned so much, I had a lot of fun too and it's a very nice way to forget all the things unpleasant happening in my life for a change. I understand Michael's dedication to teaching us and his willingness to share the wealth of knowledge with us. His eagerness to help me with photographing the spider web was really appreciable.. I am also very impressed with the level of dedication and the attention to detail you have.. I really enjoyed the company. Once again, thank you very much for such an opportunity and I hope to take many more workshops with you in future (Let’s pray to that..)



P.S. : Tell Michael that I am trying to practice the awareness principle in my day to day life and it is not really pleasant and it takes a lot of hard work…