About Charles Blackwell

Charles has been studying nature awareness and primitive survival skills since 1990 when he became a student of Tom Brown Jr.’s School of Tracking and Nature Awareness, attending over 80 classes.  Since then he has also studied Reiki through level 4, became an ordained minister,completed 4 years studying energetic healing work with Karl Direske at Wilderness Fusion (who was an instructor for Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing Light).

He was made an Elder at the Tracker School by Tom Brown, where Charles teaches classes and looks after the spiritual well-being of students, does spiritual and physical protection work and collects herbs and medicinal ingredients, preparing them as needed.  He has taught classes with Tom Brown, including the Philosophy workshop and many of the advanced classes in both physical and  spiritual awareness.

Because of Charles’s extensive personal journey of awareness, he truly understands and appreciates the incredible value of reconnecting with one’s gifts of both internal and external awareness and the importance of being able to see the world around us with an increased depth and richness.