All instructors

Beverly R. Miller

Executive Director / Guide

Beverly joined Michael S. Miller Photography over twenty years ago as a “jack of all trades”. From making phone calls to lugging photographic gear up mountains, Beverly has been there.

Michael S. Miller

Director of Operations / Instructor / Guide

Michael received his degree in photography from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After graduation Michael started his photography career in NYC before establishing Michael S. Miller Photography in 1989.

Kevin C. Rau

SR. Technical Director/Instructor

Kevin has had an interest in the visual arts since his youth. He began working with Photoshop as a hobby in college and found he had an affinity for it and has pursued his education in this area.

Elyse Badal


Elyse is an avid lover of learning. As a Philosophy major, she spends her time reading, writing, and contemplating. She enjoys analyzing classical philosophical works, investigating various religions, and immersing herself in the histories and mythologies of ancient civilizations.

Leica Miller

Photographers’ Assistant and Stress Management Consultant

Leica has been enhancing the Visions Photographic Workshops experience since 2014. She acts as a greeter for those who come to Visions Home Studio and is a frequent companion and assistant on some of the field workshops.

Charles Blackwell

Tracker, Creative & Awareness Advisor

Charles has been studying nature awareness and primitive survival skills since 1990 when he became a student of Tom Brown Jr.’s School of Tracking and Nature Awareness, attending over 80 classes.

Meredith Blackwell


Meredith comes from a corporate background where she often facilitated training seminars and client education classes. She had spent 10 years as a volunteer with Monmouth County Park System, facilitating outdoor education classes.