Our Team

Mission Statement

Visions Photographic Workshops offers photographic education that supports participants of all ages and levels in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

  • We share our passion for nature, the environment and creativity through photography.
  • We are committed to excellence, teaching both the creative and technical aspects of photography, and passing on the legacy of straight, classic photography.
  • We provide a supportive, energized environment where our participants build confidence in achieving their personal photographic goals.


The Visions Photographic Workshops team has worked together informally and formally over the past twenty years, learning, experiencing and sharing their creative and technical knowledge with others.

Beverly R. Miller – Executive Director

Joined Michael S. Miller Photography over twenty years ago as a “jack of all trades”. From making phone calls to lugging photographic gear up mountains, Beverly has been there. Beverly established EastEnd Creative Group llc, Visions Photographic Workshops to provide a supportive, energized environment where beginner to advanced amateur photographer can build their confidence in a warm and welcoming environment while enjoying the great outdoors.

Beverly schedules the workshops, communicates with clients and can answer most logistical questions.



Michael S. Miller – Director of Photography/Instructor

Michael received his degree in photography from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After graduation Michael started his photography career in NYC before establishing  Michael S. Miller Photography in 1989.

Michael's style is "classic" image making with todays technologies. His nature, adventure and editorial images are nationally recognized and published, with an extensive scenic collection of New Jersey and America's National Parks.

He is a workflow and color management expert and certified Adobe photoshop master. 

Michael has always loved to share his passion for photography with others and is looking forward to taking you on a journey of creative exploration.



Time Passages: Long Light  Michael S. Miller  Take It Slow (click here)

Time And Again: Michael S. Miller's Magical Moments   (click here)

Street Sceans: Michael S. Miller's Classic Moments  (click here)


"A Veiw from the Shore" Art Exhibition at The Brodsky Art Gallery   ( click here )

Colllection of images from msmpix (click here)

"Every Day People 20 Years of Street Photography" at Heaven Gallery 


Leica Miller - Photographers Assistant and Stress Management Consultant





Kevin C. Rau – SR. Technical Director/Instructor

 Kevin has had an interest in the visual arts since his youth. He began working with Photoshop as a hobby in college and  found he had an affinity for it and has pursued his education in this area.

 Kevin has slowly been pulled back to his visual arts interests over the past several years, while continuing his career as  an IT professional for LTC since 2002. He has worked as a web designer for several companies including Michael S.  Miller Photography and EastEnd Creative Group llc.

 Kevin claims that he and his wife are both Victorians at heart; they enjoy playing outlandish music on strange  instruments and are starting an organic farm.






Emily Melendez - Assistant / Photographer

Since the age of 18 months old when she received her own easel and paints, Emily has had her hands in and on art making. Through it all, her favorite element of art has been the exploration of color.  Currently enrolled in college, Emily enjoys studying languages and taking art classes.
She dreams of world travel however for now explores the world around her through photography. Emily currently enjoys traditional film photography which enhances her digital creativity and technology. Emily hopes to learn the nuances of each craft. When not attending school or capturing images Emily can be found working at  V P W  studio in Avon-By-The-Sea, New Jersey



 Charles Blackwell - Tracker, Creative & Awareness Advisor

 Charles has been studying nature awareness and primitive survival skills since 1990 when he became a student of Tom  Brown Jr.'s School of Tracking and Nature Awareness, attending over 80 classes.  Since then he has also studied Reiki  through level 4, became an ordained minister,completed 4 years studying energetic healing work with Karl Direske at  Wilderness Fusion (who was an instructor for Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing Light).  He was made an Elder at the  Tracker School by Tom Brown, where Charles teaches classes and looks after the spiritual well-being of students, does  spiritual and physical protection work and collects herbs and medicinal ingredients, preparing them as needed.  He has  taught classes with Tom Brown, including the Philosophy workshop and many of the advanced classes in both physical and  spiritual awareness.  Because of Charles’s extensive personal journey of awareness, he truly understands and appreciates  the incredible value of reconnecting with one’s gifts of both internal and external awareness and the importance of being able  to see the world around us with an increased depth and richness.


 Meredith Blackwell 

Meredith comes from a corporate background where she often facilitated training seminars and client education classes.  She had spent 10 years as a volunteer with Monmouth County Park System, facilitating outdoor education classes.  Since 1997, she has trained with author of 19 books and renowned Tracker, Tom Brown Jr. Now, as an Elder with Tom Brown’s Wilderness Awareness and Tracking School, she helps him facilitate outdoor survival and nature awareness classes and workshops. She has completed 4 years of study with Karl Direske at the Wilderness Fusion School in upstate New York. With her unique background, Meredith brings the skills of awareness to bridge the gap between corporate civilization and the wisdom of the natural world.