A Letter From The Executive Director

Welcome to Visions Workshops...

My journey of creative exploration started in 1989 on a backpacking trip to the Catskills when I met Michael and has been going strong ever since.

Michael and I connected from the start and have developed a partnership in all areas of our lives, we have been married for over 22 years and in business together even longer. Every true creative needs a strong business partner to keep them focused. it was a natural progression for me to become the executive director of Visions Photographic Workshops.

Our home studio located just steps from the Atlantic Ocean, is just that a home, it has been in my family since 1922. I enjoy sitting on the front porch with clients enjoying a glass of wine while discussing their creative endeavor or having a cup of hot chocolate indoors after a Winter Light on the Beach workshop. We have developed a close photography family over the years.

Over the years I have become more active sharing my knowledge and creativity with our clients on many of our presentations, workshops and travel trips. I’ve been told I know more about photography than I think, however Michael will continue to be the creative and I will continue to be the executive director.

It has been an enjoyable experience seeing our photography family on their journey of creative exploration over the years and l look forward to many more journeys…